• Amit Verma

Mantra for Mind Balance 2021

"One great advice I received from my guru when I started following spirituality"


Strange advice isn't it ? But I will tell you what my Guru meant. The moment he told me to go back and come when your baggage is sorted. I hated him and insisted to let me practice mediation at his temple in INDIA. After my multiple attempts he took a deep breath and told me your call, Do what you want to. I tried focusing on my chakras, closing my eyes. That was my fourth day when I got fed-up of all those thoughts of people, past incidents & anger to my past episodes I hated. Finally I took a deep breath and understood my gurus advice. I told him sorry guruji I was not aware what you meant. I understood now & I will come back when I am able to remove all my past baggage.

I went back to my life, left all those painful relationships, Said sorry to people I hurtled in my life. After 4 years again I went back to my guru. He looked at me and said yes you are ready now come.

“This idea changed my life forever”

I have lived in New Zealand since 2018. When I came here in New Zealand I saw people running from one place to another. I felt less warmth if people don't have business with you they will not even talk to you. Coming from India where people will even invite strangers to their home for dinner. This new change was very difficult for me to digest. But I started going with the flow. I started understanding people living in Auckland. I used to meet people and ask have they ever heard the word pranayama (breathing exercises) ? Not much positive response I received. I started checking online records of how many people Living in Auckland & looking for mediation training or yoga training. Not too many people think that they need spirituality in their life because most people do job in this country so their hands are already full.

It's not that Auckland residents don't want to learn meditation or yoga. The problem was if you have to go learn mediation then you have to go to those spiritual organizations & follow their time table and days. But doing the job & trying to cope up with those timings are tuff.

This is where

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