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Breath the shortcut solution for Physical & Emotional wellness

Updated: May 6

Short Cuts! Humans love shortcuts to get fit. No matter its building muscles with dangerous proteins shakes or deadly injectable substances to temporarily shape up the body. The word is Short-Cut is a very smart word if you use it wisely. Breathing is one activity in the human body that keeps you alive. Try holding your breath for a long time and you will feel how important it is to breathe. Now let's talk in short how to use this shortcut for perfect health. During my Pranayama Breathing personal training. I teach my client how to use your breathing to heal any emotional or physical illness. Try practicing deep breathing & see the changes in your holistic being. Deep breathing will keep you calm, Fill your body with 70 to 99 % oxygen. What does that mean? Simple calculation that more oxygen in your blood passes through your body means more purified energy. More oxygen going to your body parts helps to fight those unwanted diseases. You feel stressed, angry, anxious or sad. Take deep breaths for a minute and see the calmness surrounding you.

For Balanced emotions, Healthy body & Energetic day. Do these 3 pranayama experiments for 7 days. Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom & Deep Breathing- Do these 3 pranayama 10 minutes each a day. After 7 days you will notice better skin, Better peace in your heart, Calm mind, Energetic all day.

If you live in Auckland, New Zealand & looking to achieve a healthy life in a natural & Simple way. You can contact me. As a Wellness Coach in New Zealand , I Give mobile services for perfect health. I am your- Personal Fitness Trainer, Personal Nutrition Consultant, Personal Yoga & Meditation Teacher. I can train you at your gym, Your home or In nature. You can pick and choose from a wide range of exercises/ Food options/ Yoga & meditation techniques to plan your desired workout routine. Let's get connected. Remember you are not alone.

"Your body is made to heal its self, Try Connecting"

At Present I am in Auckland & Helping people to get fit naturally. If you need personal training for fitness , Nutrition Consultation along with Yoga-Mediation coaching. You can contact me.

“If you are bored of your gym workout & looking for some entertaining & effective exercise plan. Try wellness coaching. The first fitness personal training with money back guarantee”

If you are above 40 years of age then definitely your purpose of getting fit & healthy is not to show off those fake temporary muscles but get perfect health. When i say perfect health means controlled blood pressure, Healthy joints & bones, healthy lungs & emotional wellness. Why is your gym not able to make you achieve your goals? The answer is simple, You are telling your mind running on a treadmill is the same as running on the road. Unfortunately your mind is very smart. He knows the difference between real or unreal. So first of all stop playing with your mind, your mind else your mind will play with you very badly. Give the real movement to your body and your body will respond positively. Wellness Personal training is all about how to get fit in 30 minutes of training a day. I will train you wherever you desire & Take care of your food planning. I will make sure that your internal system is detoxed & healthy. A simple yoga & Meditation routine will keep your mind calm. Contact the wellness guru for your first consultation.

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I can't change the world but I will change as many lives I can till I am here in New Zealand. I am glad that people are waking up and stopping the rat race. Stop for a second and ask yourself if your gym workout is keeping you healthy inside out? If you answer is no then time to change what is not changing you. Contact me for your personal training needs with yoga/mediation training to balance your holistic life. Nutrition planning will detox all the toxins you had till now & will charge up your body. Wellness Guru your one stop for perfect health needs.

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